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Vision and Mission | Powertech

Vision and Mission


To be the chosen company by our stakeholders as their preferred electrical/electronic power and telecommunications infrastructure systems and solutions partner.


Through continued innovation, customer focus, leveraging off our alliance partners and strategic investment in sustainable growth, efficiencies, skills development of our staff and the environment , we will strive to meet our customers‘ requirements, supplier, staff and shareholder return expectations, responsibly, honestly and with integrity.

Strategic Drivers

Powertech is committed to growing its business through effective and responsible corporate practices. With a strong focus on core business through its five divisions, Powertech takes pride in being the supplier of choice to its customers, delivering quality products backed by service excellence, knowledgeable and experienced staff.

The Group strategy rests on four key elements: Growth, both organic and through acquisition, supply chain management, alliances with key suppliers, and human capital development.


Close alignment with key suppliers and the ability to source products and technologies from across the world to meet stringent needs are core pillars of Powertech's business strategy. The company enjoys relationships with a number of international top companies, such as ABB, GE, Tridonic,Tyco, Weidmann to name just as few


Powertech has enjoyed consistent growth in its turnover over the years to the point where it is today a R-billion company. This growth has been achieved through a focus on the needs of customers which has contributed to organic expansion, as well as the identification of key targets for acquisition. The company will continue to execute this strategy by identifying further opportunities in the African and South African markets as well as overseas.


Human Capital

An experienced, highly trained and committed staff complement led by a seasoned management team is at the heart of Powertech's ability to consistently strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our continued customer focus is the result of staff skills development, the leveraging of alliance partners and vendor relationships and a focus on integrity in all that we do.

Supply Chain Management

An efficient and effective supply chain reduces working capital and improves delivery capability to clients. Powertech is focused on creating efficacy and efficiency by addressing all elements of its supply chain, for the procurement of raw materials, manufacture/conversion, distribution, warehousing and finally, supply into the customer base.