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Substations are a major part of any countrywide electrical generation, transmission and distribution system and perform several important functions, including transforming, switching, protecting and controlling the flow of electrical energy. Substations also provide a point at which automatic protective devices and means of diverting the flow of energy, along alternative routes, can be installed. Electric power may flow through several substations between generating plant and consumer, while its voltage may change in several steps.

Key to the ongoing performance of these powerful substations is the right choice, allocation and implementation of safe, viable equipment. The Switchgear product range include both Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear.

Indoor Switchgear Products

- 12 kV medium voltage Air Insulated Switchgear
- 24kV medium voltage Air insulated Switchgear
- 12-36kV medium voltage Gas insulated Switchgear
- 72.5 and 132kV Gas insulated Switchgear
- LV Switchgear panels

Outdoor Switchgear Products

- Vacuum circuit breaker/current transformer unit, 36kV
- HV and UHV Gas insulated Switchgear
- HV mixed technology Switchgear
- Current and voltage transformers up to and incl 220kV, either oil & paper or SF6 and cast resin
- Disconnectors and Earthing Switches up to and incl 220kV
- Life tank circuit breakers up to and incl 132kV
- Surge arrestors up to and incl 220kV