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Mining & Industries

South Africa's mining industry is a cornerstone of the country's thriving economy. With large deposits of precious metals and stones, base minerals and coal, South Africa is home to a diverse mining market with many power needs. Historically a major supplier of power products and services to this industry, Powertech continues to enjoy strong relationships with the major mining houses, positioning the company well for further expansion through the wide range of products and services offered through its subsidiaries.
Powertech further services the majority of the "large power users" from various industries.


- Indoor Air Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear series
  12kV & 24kV (Single and double Busbar)
- Indoor Gas Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear series
  12kV, 24kV & 36kV
- Outdoor Air Insulated Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit
  Breaker & Current Tranformer Unit 36kV (Eskom Approved)
- Outdoor Air Insulated HV & MV Instrument Transformers
  (Current & voltage transformers)
- Outdoor Air Insulated HV & MV Disconnectors &
  Earth Switches (Motor or hand operated)
- Outdoor Air Insulated HV & MV Live Tank Circuit Breakers
- Outdoor Air Insulated HV & MV Surge Arrestors
- Outdoor Gas Insulated HV Switchgear
- Indoor Gas Insulated HV Switchgear
- Outdoor Hybrid Switchgear
  (Air Bushings connected to Gas Insulated Switchgear)

Powertech Quadpro

Paper Insulated Cables
XLPE Cables
Specialised Rubber Cables
Bells and Mains
Overhead Conductor/ Cables

Powertech System Integrators
Swanib Cables

Electrical Cable
Cable Terminations & Joints  

CBI Electric Aberdare ATC Telecoms Cables

Copper communication & data cable
Optical fibre cable
Cable accessories and services
Instrument cable

Powertech Switchgear
MV and HV switchgear and switchgear components
Powertech Batteries


Powertech Transformers

Power transformers (GSU's and Transmission)
Shunt reactors
Distribution transformers
Miniature substations
LNER’s and NECRT's

Willard Batteries

VLA (Vented Lead Acid) Batteries
Battery Bay Management
Lamp Room Management

Powertech Insulation

Transformer insulation paper, boards & components
Breathers and Silica Gel
Hi-Temp products
Transformer accessories
Bare and covered copper