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System Integrators

Powertech System Integrators is a solutions business and our core competence is system technology integration to improve our customers’ operating efficiencies. We work internationally and our customers are commercial and industrial power users, utility companies and state enterprises across all industries.
Our ability to innovate sets us apart, and our strongest assets are our relations with strategic partners and the multi-disciplinary talents and dedication of our people.

Our customers can rely on our engineers and technicians to produce tailored designs and integrated solutions from our many specialisations, over a spectrum that is tough to match. Our project managers are renowned for their ability to protect a customer against cost overruns and quality risks.
Suppliers will not find a trading partner more diversely skilled and capable of adding value, nor better positioned, to help grow their market coverage. For sub-contractors, PTSI is the ideal partner to enable consistent deal flows in a volatile and very competitive market place.

Please visit the Powertech System Integrators website at www.ptsi.co.za for more detailed information on the company and its offerings.